IT Management Conference
Albert Lulushi, VP & CIO of L-3 Enterprise IT Solutions

Albert Lulushi

VP & CIO of L-3 Enterprise IT Solutions

Albert Lulushi has a successful record of leading corporate efforts to define and implement strategic technology solutions, infrastructures and architectures. His successes include managing enterprise-wide projects for global organizations such as L-3 Communications, the Federal Aviation Administration, Titan Corporation, Nortel Networks, AT&T, Oracle and Intel.

As CIO of L-3 Enterprise IT Solutions, the Enterprise IT division of 65,000-employee L-3 Communications, Lulushi leads a full portfolio of IT engineering activities, service delivery and management efforts for a distributed and versatile organization using IT Service Management and ITIL processes and procedures.

Lulushi is a sought-after speaker and well-known author of technology publications, including several books on the design and development of Oracle systems.


Implementing a Secure Enterprise 2.0 Social Networking Environment for the Business Enterprise

The inclusion of social networking and Enterprise 2.0 capabilities in business intranets/extranets has become a key enabler for corporations that want to capture their institutional knowledge and leverage it for competitive advantage.

Features like wikis, blogs, personal pages, relationship networks, group forums, collaboration sites, online presence and unified communication are especially important for organizations with a geographically-dispersed and mobile workforce.

They have become an essential means of capturing and retaining employees from the Millennials generation who have grown up taking these features for granted in their daily environment.

Implementing these features in the enterprise requires a careful balancing act between encouraging participation and inclusiveness on one hand and securing and protecting the corporation’s intellectual property on the other.

This session will provide an implementation roadmap and lessons learned from our experience rolling out social networking and Enterpise 2.0 capabilities for our employees, business partners and customers in a secure and protected environment.