IT Management Conference
Alessandro Muti, CTO of Ascentium

Alessandro Muti

CTO of Ascentium

Alessandro is the Chief Technology Officer at Ascentium, an award-winning multi-faceted digital agency. Alessandro’s team works at the extreme forefront of Microsoft technology and has world-caliber software engineering experience across most other platforms as well.

Alessandro came to Ascentium after a decade at Microsoft where he played a key role in the development of Windows, led the development team for the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine and designed and architected all components for the Windows Out of the Box Experience connectivity technology. As the development lead and architect for the Windows Update team, Alessandro developed and delivered the core Critical Update and Automatic Update technologies that are utilized by several hundred million users every day. And several of his patents are the stepping stones of BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer System). In other words, Alessandro is a technologist’s technologist.


Privacy: Balancing Consumer Fears with Technological Advances

Privacy and consumer perception may not be a new problem but it continues to be one of great prevalence. There is a very real fear that somehow companies will exploit the knowledge that they gain from profiling the digital tracks that users leave. Meanwhile, there are a number of advantages in using all the technologies that are available today in order to improve the user experience.

The question still remains: How can we build better user experiences for our customers in a transparent way so that users are able to balance their fears of the unknown with the advantages that the new experiences can deliver?

Great new user experiences provided by the Kindle, GPS photo tagging, location-detection mobile applications and social media applications such as Twitter are obvious examples that there is a lot of advances in this area. Therefore we need to understand the available technologies along with the user perception of the utilization of such technologies and learn how to balance the two. In this session you will learn how to do just that.

First, the problems pertaining to privacy and consumer perception will be laid out. Then I will discuss ways to balance these fears with the advantages that today’s technology are able to deliver.

This session will cover:
• How other companies are mixing the available technologies to create better user experiences
• Success stories and failures that other companies have experienced in this space
• Awareness of converging technologies and where some of the advances in biometric devices are taking us