IT Management Conference

Carol Rizzo

Technology Executive

Former-CTO of Citigroup, AIG & Kaiser Permanente

Ms. Rizzo is a seasoned Operations and Technology executive with over 25 years experience in all aspects of the IT industry. Her career includes business operations management as well as line technology management and consulting assignments with extensive international experience. Carol’s forte has been in helping her business partners amplify expertise, create operational efficiencies and improve customer experience through the application of technologies.

Her vision and innovative use of technology has helped some of America’s most prestigious firms; Kaiser Permanente, AIG, Citibank, Fidelity Investments, Viacom and Digital Equipment, differentiate their products, reduce their costs and improve their revenue and customer perception.

Carol’s experience has given her a unique and holistic view of technology. She has hands on and management experience in each of the IT disciplines; project management, architecture, systems design and development, testing, infrastructure engineering and operations as well as general IT management.

As CTO at Citigroup, she led the innovative design and development of a web based platform that enables Citibank’s retail businesses to present and transact information to customers online, over the phone or on the ATM. This platform integrates information from Citibank’s legacy systems and is the basis of Citibank Online and operates in over 40 countries. In 2001, Carol established the offshore Business Processing Operations for back office processing and call centers in India which saves the bank approximately $40M annually.

Most recently, Carol was the Chief Technology Officer for Kaiser Permanente, where she was charged with the task of revitalizing a massive infrastructure, incapable of meeting the near term needs of the healthcare and insurance business.

Over the past year, she has been instrumental in improving systems availability by 100 hours, saving over $45m in reduced physician and nursing time. Under her leadership, the infrastructure team has cut operations costs by over $75M. She led the development of the innovation agenda; promoting technology innovation in support of affordable healthcare and was responsible for contact center technology strategy.

Carol has been a guest speaker at a number of industry events and has recently been a panelist at the Open Source Business Conference, in San Francisco CA in March 2009.