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Chris Kalish, Director & CTO of GE edgelab

Chris Kalish

Director & CTO of GE edgelab

Chris Kalish is the Director and Chief Technology Officer of the GE edgelab, where he is responsible for introducing new techniques, tools and analytical methods into the GE business units. Through GE-wide project prospecting, strategic initiatives are identified and selected based on their impact to the industry, their academic alignment and potential for financial return.

Prior to his tenure at GE, Chris was a Senior Technical Consultant with NBC’s Technical Support Services Organization and a Technical Fellow at PepsiCo, where he was responsible for global systems architecture and technology strategies. Chris has research experience in parallel systems and hardware and compiler design, and has led applied studies in emerging technologies, such as biometrics, OLEDs, electronic paper and advanced displays.

As CTO of edgelab, he sits on various advisory Boards and working councils to shape technology strategy and direction, including STEM initiatives with secondary schools.

In 2008, Chris was elected Chairman of the Connecticut Technology Council. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science from Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.


From Wires and Transistors to Commercial Technologies: The Technology Leader’s Role in Ideation

PMI PDU Eligible

When GE first put the words “Imagination” and “Work” next to each other six years ago, nobody knew precisely what to expect, including GE’s product teams and engineers. edgelab, GE’s applied research lab at UConn Stamford, was immediately poised to lead the charge through an innovative emerging technologies program established in 2001.

From our first applied research study in biometrics to our new thin-film polymer-based illuminated wallpaper, edgelab has prospected more than 600 technologies - showcasing new devices to several thousand viewers each year. Our secret sauce for innovation stems from a brainstorming methodology called ideation.

In this session, you will see an overview of how GE prospects for new innovations and forms strategies for turning technology attributes into product concepts.