IT Management Conference
Ivo Jansch, CTO of Ibuildings

Ivo Jansch

CTO of Ibuildings

Ivo is the CTO of Ibuildings, a UK and Netherlands based company that offers development services, training and consultancy on PHP throughout Europe. He coaches developers, does occasional consultancy jobs and evangelizes about PHP in the enterprise. He is the author of ‘Enterprise PHP’ from php|architect. Ivo is an active blogger in the PHP community, and the author of the PHP business framework ATK.


Enterprise PHP Development

PHP has come a long way. What started as a tool to help Rasmus Lerdorf track his online resume, is now used by millions of web sites and applications worldwide. Many of these are becoming business critical. With the growth of PHP, there is also a demand for mature PHP development. In this talk, Ivo discusses ways to improve your development process to create applications that are more robust, have higher quality and are easier to maintain.

By comparing the building of a critical application to building a skyscraper, and PHP to bricks, you can see that there’s more required than just stacking of the bricks to build a skyscraper. The talk covers all relevant parts of the development life-cycle and helps developers and managers to take their development efforts to the next level.

Growing Your Business By Opening Up

In this presentation, Ivo will discuss the benefits of releasing your products under the open source model while still remaining a healthy, profitable business. The common open source business models will be presented as well as the challenges of moving into an open source business.

By the end of this presentation, managers will have a solid grasp of the open source business model and will be equipped to evaluate if it is suitable for their organization.