IT Management Conference
Dr. M. A. Ketabchi, President, CEO & Founder of Savvion

Dr. M. A. Ketabchi

President, CEO & Founder of Savvion

Led creation of the first BPM product

Dr. Ketabchi is well known for his pioneering research in business process management technologies and methods as well as process-centric domain-oriented business solutions. Over the last 20 years he has published and presented extensively in these areas and has made significant contributions to advance state-of-the-art technologies in BPM.

Dr. Ketabchi was a Full Professor at Santa Clara University when he founded Savvion in 1994. Under his leadership Savvion launched the first BPM product in the market in 1999, built a strong customer base of leading enterprises globally and has reached profitability and growth.

He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer and Information Sciences from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.


BPM and Project Oriented Processes

PMI PDU Eligible

Over the years of working on many BPM (Business Process Management) initiatives worldwide we have realized that many processes have project characteristics that demand a unique approach to their management. We refer to these processes as Project-Oriented Processes (POP).

BPM and PPM (Project Portfolio Management) systems alone only partially address the requirement of managing POP, a single-solution that provides the combined functionality of both BPM and PPM is needed. Extending a BPM system to include PPM functions can therefore offer significant benefits.

In this session we will cover Savvion’s comprehensive BPM System which has been enhanced to:
• Combine the process and project definition functionality into a very simple and intuitive tool
• Provide PPM functionality out-of-the-box
• Meet the requirements of project-oriented processes that current BPM systems cannot meet