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Marco Tabini, CEO of Marco Tabini & Associates

Marco Tabini

CEO of Marco Tabini & Associates

Publisher of php|architect and Python Magazine

Marco is the Founder and CEO of Marco Tabini & Associates, Inc., publishers of the popular php|architect and Python Magazine monthlies dedicated to the world of open-source development.


The Curious Case of php|architect

php|architect is a popular magazine for PHP professionals. Its distinctive characteristic is in its business model- by relying on open-source technologies, php|architect has managed to introduce a complete line of PHP-related knowledge products, such as books, training and conferences, without having to expand its staff to the levels of a traditional publisher. This talk illustrates how php|a approaches technology and how it takes advantage of open-source software to save money and resources as well as opening new possibilities and business opportunities in the publishing market.

The OSS Love Potion: Five Reasons Why Open Source Makes Sense

You have probably heard a number of stories about how open-source software (OSS) is either the solution to all of mankind’s problems, or the software equivalent of Beelzebub. A more balanced approach reveals that OSS occupies a valuable role in every enterprise not just because it is free, but because of its open architecture, interoperability, reliability and richness in functionality.