IT Management Conference
Oleg Vishnepolsky, CTO of 24/7 Real Media

Oleg Vishnepolsky

CTO of 24/7 Real Media

Internet Industry Veteran & Author of two TCP/IP stacks

As Chief Technology Officer, Oleg Vishnepolsky is in charge of global technology development for 24/7 Real Media. He is focused on the enhancement of the existing technology product suite as well as the development and innovation for new products and platforms.

Mr. Vishnepolsky is one of the early Internet technologists, having a 20+ year track record of technological advancements including his pioneering work on Internet technologies in the early 80’s at IBM and continuing at other companies including AOL and DoubleClick.

During his time at AOL, as the vice president of publishing and search, he was primarily responsible for setting up agile processes and global teams to ensure rapid and interactive software development. Prior to joining AOL, Mr. Vishnepolsky was vice president of marketing automation and ad management engineering for DoubleClick, designing and implementing core ad serving technology.

Mr. Vishnepolsky was responsible for launching the first financial industry web site at Prudential Securities in 1994. He was also responsible for the development, launch and operations of the first major consumer ISP at Prodigy in 1995.

Mr. Vishnepolsky holds a Master of Computer Science from Pace University and a Bachelor of Arts from NYU, as well as an Equivalent of Masters in Nuclear Physics, from MIFI.


Creating Sustainable Technological Competitive Advantage: Strategy & Tactics

Successfully managing an IT business is a thorny undertaking, but it can be accomplished with the right strategic direction aligned with supporting tactical implementation. A big picture understanding of the market as well as internal goals, strengths and risks is paramount. Just as important, is having control over the myriad of managerial responsibilities and execution tasks supporting the strategy.

From coordinating the relationship with ‘Business’ to managing budgets, internal teams, vendors and organizational structures, the tasks extend beyond the realm of pure development work.

In this session, industry veteran Oleg Vishnepolsky, Chief Technology Officer for 24/7 Real Media, will discuss how to achieve the Herculean feat of outstanding IT management in order to produce lasting technological value for your organization.