IT Management Conference
Dr. Orit Mossinson, VP of DB Investment Bank

Dr. Orit Mossinson

VP of DB Investment Bank

E-Branding Expert & Founder of Web Agent Holdings

Orit is an Internet Marketing and E-Branding expert with over a decade of experience in biz dev & marketing (both online and offline). She currently holds several positions including Vice President at DB Investment Bank, Partner at nQube as well as VC & board member of eight different IT companies. In addition, Orit is a university professor teaching marketing & Venture Capital.

Orit also founded Web Agent Holdings Inc. which owns worldwide representation of several startup companies and is a Co-Owner of several patented ventures and patents for the Internet and cellular market. Before founding Web Agent Holdings, She was CEO for several Online Gaming Ventures.

In 2004 Orit completed her Ph.D. research on “E Brand Equity” and has been consulting to several International Internet enterprises ever since. Orit holds Bachelor of Business Administration (BA) & Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Ben-Gurion University, Israel and a Doctorate of Business Administration (Ph.D.) from York University. She is also a part of a cross country Academic research on Internet Changing Strategy & E Brand Equity.


IT Competitive Advantage using E-Brand Equity

Studies of Brand Equity prove that symbolic values are more important than operative values. The proven effective way for dealing with an unlimited flow of competitors is E-Branding. E-Brand Equity creates the kind of relationship from which businesses can gain a competitive advantage in today’s online market.

Various examples of online E-Branding strategies will be discussed including the current trend of creating personal E-Branding via Twitter & other social networks along with its effects on business. Also covered will be utilizing SEO & PR posts for corporate E-Branding procedures.